• Shiner
    Shiner The Atomic Shiner consists of a range of lures from 45mm to 100mm.
  • Crank
    Crank The Atomic Crank is Australia's favourite estuary lure
  • Vibration
    Vibration The Vibration lures are a all range lure enabling them to be fished from shallows to as deep as you want
  • Bream Crank
    Bream Crank The Atomic Bream Crank is a deep diving bream candy lure!
  • Shad The Atomic Shad is a slimline minnow style lure in 40 and 50mm
  • Bream Shad
    Bream Shad The Atomic Bream Shad is a wide wobble minnow 40mm long
  • Pop
    Pop The Atomic Pop is the ultimate whiting Popper.
  • K9
    K9 The Atomic K9 Series is a range of surface dog walkers. Great for a weekend stroll.